The Results Are In…

At whatever ungodly hour it is right now, I decided to awake from my half slumber and check for my uni results for semester 1.

Human Resource Management – 70
Human Resource Development – 70
Organisational Behaviour – 67
Strategic Management – 60

I’m feeling quite proud of myself right about now. While those marks aren’t by any means the greatest I’ve ever received, I managed to get them while working four days a week and somehow managing to fit in a chaotic (if limited) social life as well.

Strategic Management is an interesting one, because I did really well on the internal marks, which only accounted for 30% of the overall mark. The exam, though, I felt confident enough that I had passed coming out of it and I’m pretty sure my marks would have been higher if I remember certain aspects of questions correctly. Hindsight is funny like that, because I can tell exactly where I went wrong on that exam now – even if at the time I was absolutely stumped at what to put where for some of the answers. Does this mean I have some sort of reverse-engineered autism? Hardly. I can remember my responses and what marks I decided to ‘give away’, that is, marks I knew I wasn’t going to get so I focused on the things I knew and decided to flesh them out as best as possible. Considering each answer was weighted exactly the same meant I could afford to do this.

With my other subjects – I had all three of those exams in the space of four days while I was also trying to purchase a unit.

I plan on setting my goals even higher this semester, planning to take my first exam while having a 24-esque situation on my hands that only I am capable of solving. So my nemesis’ (or is it nemeses? Nemesisisesisis?) had better step up their game and get planning. Once that situation is resolved, I plan on bare-knuckle boxing a bear during the next exam.

I bet you’re all, “But wait, anybody can bare-knuckle box a bear.” But wait, I didn’t tell you that I will be blindfolded, reciting lines from Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther, (in German, no less) while expressing my exam response via interpretative dance.

The plans for my third and fourth exams shall remain a secret for now. One may involve delivering star babies on the moon while shooting martians in the face with my lasers that go PEWPEWPEW.

Something I haven’t really mentioned up to this point is the abundance of stand-up comedy I’ll be seeing over the next month and a bit.

Dylan Moran, Demetri Martin and Louis CK – yes, even in that particular order – as far as I know this is Louis CK’s first trip to Australia so I have to say I’m looking forward to that the most. I’ve seen Dylan and Demetri before (I was about to call them the DD’s of comedy, but I’m undecided on whether my love for comedy outweighs my appreciation of breasts – not that I have breasts, I have moobs – but making jokes about breasts could frighten off potential future breasts attached to females unfortunate enough to take an interest in me) but I am very keen to see what sort of new material they’ll have this time around.

Aw, nuts. It’s late again. Stupid excitement over stand-up comedy and passing everything last semester…

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