Free Will, Vash, The Shining, In Time, Derby Derby Duplicity

One thing I didn’t expect to happen last week was engaging in philosophical discourse in my sleep. The title of this post may have made you think that I left a ‘y’ off the end, and actually meant to write about the film ‘Free Willy’ in this post. Please understand that this recollection isn’t verbatim….

Study, Sleep and Something

After writing no less than 4,000 words in the past week for closing out uni coursework for the year (and by extension – this graduate diploma – testify!) you would think that I have had just about enough of writing for the week. But no, here I am throwing more words at an unsuspecting audience….

A Quick Fifty

I’m not really sure what compelled me to celebrate the 40th entry on Blogostino, but it just seemed right. Now that I’ve hit 50 entries (a lot faster than I’d expected to) I’m at a loss as to what I should write to commemorate this minor milestone. Here’s something I wrote during the week, though,…

Lion King 3D, Emotional Intelligence, Poongsan, Suspiria

While I may have slammed 3D movies in one of my rant posts last week, I was curious to see whether Lion King would be a given a decent 3D treatment. Unfortunately, it only managed to showcase some minor depth of field and that was usually reserved for objects that were the top layer of…

One Year On – Japan – Part 2 of 2

I forgot to mention the one night we stayed in Hakodate was actually spent in what is known as a rider’s house. A motorcyclist hostel of sorts. Greg and I met some of the funniest guys there that night, a bunch of students none of whom were older than 22. Ryosuke, Go, Mamoru and Kenji….

One Year On – Japan – Part 1 of 2

Yesterday marked a year since returning from my trip to Japan. I can’t believe that a year has passed already, but to really exclaim any disproportionate level of shock or surprise would mean that I am questioning the flow of time itself, jeopardising the very fabric of our collective reality and potentially throwing us all…

Ranting, Twilight, Ladyboner, Tenebrae, BBQ

After managing to pump out four rant-based entries last week I was feeling quite chuffed with my creative side as the week was winding down. I’m not entirely convinced that ranting works for me as a writing style, though. The creative¬†method I employed was very different to how I approach these ‘standard-issue’ entries. Much more…