What’s Done is Done

For the first time in a long time, I have absolutely nothing to worry about. I’m having difficulty putting into words what it feels like to have completed studies for the year coupled with knowing I don’t have work for the next four weeks.

Overzealous glee, perhaps? Excessive ecstasy? Inordinate intoxication?

What I also am at the time of writing this is extremely tired. My final two exams went relatively well, but I’m not going to go into detail about them because I honestly can’t remember what I wrote about on either of them. Words just spewed out of me that related to the topics and showed some level of comprehension and insight. The one thing I like about exams is that as long as you’re on topic, you’ll usually scrape marks. Some answers I know I did brilliantly on, others that I struggled I provided examples and wrote around the topic.

Sleep? I should be so lucky. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

My first act of freedom today? Catching up with a friend for lunch. The next? Cleaning my room.

Now that you’ve passed out after being bored by the news that I cleaned my room today (No, seriously, it was an epic achievement) I’m going to write about other things that could hold more potential interest than cleaning my room (I’m casting a +5 spell of high doubt).

Video Games

Behaving myself for the past month (or months, I should say) has not been fun. Needless to say, when I had a bit of spare time earlier, I fired up a video game I’d been wanting to play since purchasing it – Batman: Arkham City – an open-world game where you play as Batman (duh) and do all sorts of cool, Batman-esque shit (duh duh). What little I’ve played of it has left me quite impressed. When I say little, I mean completing the intro and playing a fraction of the first mission. Knowing full well the game will take me 20+ hours to complete, I’m not in a rush to churn through it.

Another game that my brother has been overdosing on, Skyrim.

Take a rich, fantasy world with dragons, elves, orcs, humans and other various races.

Allow the player to do virtually anything they want in this world and custom-create a character with skills and magic completely at the whimsical mercy of the player.

Once you start playing this game, you will not stop. Let’s say you want to run around, pick flowers and create potions and become an alchemist – you can do that. You’ll have to play through the intro, of course, but once you’re in this rich and varied world, do whatever the hell you want. Hunt animals, join the thieves guild, become a werewolf, create weapons and armor from crude items you pick up. These are not exaggerations, by the way. You can do all those things and much, much more.

Batman: Arkham City takes 20+ hours. Skyrim will take your life.

Now I just need time. Oh, wait! Well, I’ll have it once I return from my road trip. This bodes well for me to get my nerd on upon return.

Why Some People Just Shouldn’t be Allowed in the Public Sphere

Rant hat on, people. The fuck was with that puerile 90-minute glam sham hosted by two talentless radio DJs on one of our TV networks the other night? To call it shambolic would be a compliment. No matter how hard the media tries to convince me, I could give more of  a damn about how long my toenails are than I could about what qualifies as a ‘celebrity’ these days.

I looked up a list of ‘Potentially The Worst Things To Ever Happen To The Human Race’, look at what ranked number one.

1. Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘A Night With the Stars’
2. The Holocaust

Allow me to state for the record that I am not trivialising the events of WWII. What I am doing, however, is presenting an opinion based on a false list that I just created. And it barely even passes as a list. Call it an effective cheap shot, if you will. I also draw your attention to the use of the word ‘Potentially’.

How can I convince you that I’m not trivialising the events of WWII? Simple.

WWII wasn’t trying to entertain people.
Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘A Night With the Stars’ was.

WWII left a deep, psychological wound on man (and woman) kind.
Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘A Night With the Stars’ did too, only to a lesser extent because A) no-one watched it and B) those that did changed the channel or turned their TVs off completely to escape the sheer banality.

WWII claimed the lives of over 6 million people.
Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘A Night With the Stars’ had the potential to kill 6 billion brain cells per minute of viewing.
Thankfully, nobody fucking watched it.

Did you all know that Senor Sandilands’ production company was responsible for the show existing?
What’s that old adage of “You are your father’s son?” Congratulations, it’s a 90-minute stillborn!


That’s probably one of the most offensive things I’ve ever written. I’ve now reduced my writing to the same cheap parlour tricks that the subject of my rant stoops to on a daily basis.

That’s just enough about that numpty, and on to better things!

Road Trip

The crazy Canadian arrived yesterday and the whole trip kicks off on Sunday. I’ll be writing daily, but posting gelatinous blobs of town/place/random updates when and if I get time (or internet access, for that matter).

When I started writing this post, it was the same night that I’d finished exams. You would think by now, some 48 hours later, I would have adapted to this nothing to do lifestyle. Sleeping for 12.5 hours? Achievement unlocked.

3 Replies to “What’s Done is Done”

  1. The more you tried to explain, the more you lost me. Comparing the Holocaust to TV “entertainment” is definitely a cheap shot, and in this context of opinions, fake lists and “potentially”s, it’s confusing rather than particularly effective. And using the terms “WWII” and “the Holocaust” interchangeably, as you have, is problematic, to say the least.
    “Kyle Sandilands is a misogynist whose vitriol surprises no-one but will continue for as long as his shows are funded – thank heavens so few people watch him” would have sufficed, methinks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Goldie!

      That entire slab of text was written without pausing until I ended up writing pause. That’s the first time that’s happened to me since starting this blog, so while my instincts were telling me to delete/rework/edit the lot, I wanted to see whether I had in fact crossed the line.

      Part of the creative process is finding out what doesn’t work and learning from it, which is why I’m grateful for your feedback. And I now feel that as soon as an author starts justifying their words in-text gives way to a slippery slope. I took a chance putting this out there, I know that. I decided that I should own the words I’m creating and then dealing with the consequences of choosing to share them with everyone. Thanks again.

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