Winter is Going

Slowly but surely, winter is coming to a close in Kyoto. The thing is, I actually like the cold. Any being as hairy as I would have to at least be partial to the cold, because even with 0 or minus degrees centigrade temperatures, I still manage to find a way to sweat.

The train just stopped at Nagaoka-Tenjin. This gives me less than 30 minutes to write this post. When I decided to sit down and write on every train trip to work for a week, I didn’t expect to be feeling like I had nothing more to say by the third day.

Here’s another pic that was taken after the sumo.


That pic probably should’ve been a warning about the amount of imbibing to follow. If that one didn’t, this one definitely should have.


Has anyone else been watching the TV show Helix? What a flaming hot mess that show is. But I still watch every week in the hope that it’s going to do something different. It turns out that every week I watch it, it does something different, but it just doesn’t do anything really well. If it somehow gets a second season (based on the premise, seems unlikely) I will most likely watch to see how they try and steer such a rudderless, aimless show into a success.

Western pop culture references here are often just that. I could ask someone whether they like Game of Thrones, for example. This person would most likely look at me and say “Is that on DS or Vita?” but the exact same response to that question in Melbourne would probably invoke one of the following:

1) “You, like, seriously don’t know Game of Thrones?! It’s only, like, the best show, like, ever!”

2) “OMG! You haven’t LIVED until you’ve seen Game of Thrones.”

3) “OK that’ll be $4 for your latte.”

But that’s something I love about Japan. There’s no-one force-feeding you pop culture you might actually have little or no interest in. Unless of course you start paying attention to J-pop.

Damn I miss consistently good coffee. There’s a lot more I miss about Melbourne, of course, but imagine if the most readily accessible coffee to you was massive automated espresso machine fare that can’t even texture milk properly for approximately the same price of any regular cafe in Melbourne.

First world problems. That’s what I’ve been reduced to.

So now I present to you…


..the Silence of the Hams.

And now I’ve started throwing out terrible puns.


Where will the madness end?

Right about here.

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