The State of the Bulls Organisation

When I first became interested in basketball, I soon became a Chicago Bulls fan. The allure of Jordan and Pippen at their peak was too great to ignore for an 11-year-old learning how to shoot, dribble and play defense.

Following our last title came the lockout season. Full-blown tank mode. Shipped Pippen to the Rockets. Named Tim Floyd head coach. Our biggest FA acquisition was Brent Barry. 13-37 record.

Fast forward to today and GarPax just fired their handpicked coach in the midst of his fourth season after…

  • Three seasons of poor roster moves
  • A reluctance to accept a rebuild/tank
  • Essentially trading Jusuf Nurkic, Gary Harris, Doug McDermott and Taj Gibson for… (drum roll) ..Cameron Payne
  • A stack of injuries to start this season

GarPax have to go. The fact that they still have jobs is astounding. Hoiberg was always going to be the fall guy to cover their ineptitude and lack of foresight.

I think the current roster has some nice young pieces, but we’re a long way off being competitive in the eastern conference. A tough-minded coach like Boylen isn’t going to make a lick of difference. If our goal was to get another high pick next year, why try to act like competitiveness is the team’s primary concern right now? Like so many other decisions the Bulls front office have made, it can be slapped with colourful adjectives such as ‘reactionary’,  ‘uninspired’ and ‘clueless’.

Sadly, Hoiberg will probably not get another chance in the NBA as a head coach due to his tenure with the Bulls.

I can confidently say that I could do a better job than GarPax and I’m currently looking for work. Your move, Reinsdorf.

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