Catching Up

This past week was basically devoted to catching up with a few people I haven’t seen in a while. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to fit in as many people as I would have liked, but Spare Time and I aren’t exactly on talking terms at the moment.

You know you have a good group of people around you when you can see someone for the first time in months and outside of the standard tete-a-tete there is much more conversation to be had. Apologies are due to a range of people I haven’t seen in some time. I’ll be making much more of an effort to catch up with you over the coming months, I swear.

Not only was it a week for catching up, but it was a week for returns and departures.

My parents have returned from their six-week journey around Europe. It kind of feels like they haven’t even been gone for that amount of time. I haven’t had a chance to look at photos yet, but when they have over 3,000 to look at, you can understand why. There’s been a few instances of stories where I’ve gone, “Told you so.”, “I warned you about that.” and various other things. By all accounts, they had a wonderful time outside of some dramas that occurred at various points during their trip.

On the farewell side of things, another co-worker has decided to leave the captioning flock. ‘Tis a shame whenever a co-worker decides to depart, but I’m certain that they have an awesome time ahead of them, the lucky so-and-so!

All this socialising meant that sleep was in limited supply, but I intend on paying off some of my accrued sleep debt this evening.

And now for a rant about something that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up – the sound a texta makes on paper when it is pressed too hard or is slightly drier than it should be.

Writing that sentence made me squirm and reading over it just makes me feel icky. Nails on chalkboard? No problem. Fran Drescher? Bring it. But THAT SOUND makes me want to investigate ways to end the production of textas forever. Surely there are better ways to colour things in that would never make THAT SOUND.

Pencils. People for the love of all that is unholy, buy pencils. Textas are evil. If you are ever in a situation where you have tried to colour in with textas, you know that you are always guaranteed to go outside the lines (no matter how careful you are) AND you can’t rub that shit out either. Textas have ruined and will continue to ruin colouring in efforts on a global scale. Do not allow yourself to ruin another Corinella section of the Herald Sun with the smear of another awkward colour that you would never actually use ever, but forced to because you’ve already used all the normal colours.


So do me a favour (and the environment too!) and never purchase this blight in the world of writing implements. I will pay you back with kindness and possibly a biscuit, depending on how committed you are to the cause of never purchasing another texta ever again.

I watched Source Code earlier this week. Fantastic film. The trailer for this film absolutely sucked, though. It made me think that it was Groundhog Day on a train, and the way it was cut seemed to suggest that it was a sappy love story. If you too have judged this film based on the trailer (Like I did), purge the trailer from your memory and watch this film. Duncan Jones (of Moon fame, and being the son of one David Bowie, composer of the song Fame, not related to the movie Fame but a song that goes Fame, fame, fame, fame, fame a hell of  a lot right near the end) has yet again tackled another film that raises more questions than it answers, not only while you’re watching it but for a great deal of time afterwards as well. I’m very curious about what Duncan Jones’ next project will be. I would write more about the context of the film, but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Without giving anything away – quantum mechanics, parallel universes and human memory.

I also watched a film called The Yellow Sea. Anyone reading this who is familiar with The Chaser, a Korean film from 2008, will enjoy this. Same director, same stars. Some people may feel the running time is a bit of a stretch at 2 hrs, 20 mins, but you get a complete story. Part drama, part thriller – there’s a sequence about 55 mins in that had me on the edge of my seat for its entire duration. It is also incredibly violent and doesn’t hold back – a lot of people get stabbed. It’s probably not on the same level as say, I Saw the Devil (another film well worth checking out!), but it’s still quite violent.

I started planning my birthday party for this year also, as every Saturday leading up to my birthday I already have plans for now,  four birthdays and a ‘Paul D’Agostino presents…’ movie night (as well as working during the day on each of them). Now I’m stuck with the task of choosing a place to actually have it… I have two places in mind at the moment, but will have to check them out in due course.

And now to catch up on that thing called sleep.

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  1. A lot of trailers, even complete movies, incorporate a soppy love style story to get bums on seats. It’s marketing genius to be honest and could cause a bloke to say ‘winning’ after he convinces his mrs to see a blokey film that has been made out in the trailer to actually interest a female. So bloke takes his mrs to the movie, bloke likes it, mrs doesnt, but ends up better for the bloke he has gotten to watch what he wants, now the mrs gives him the ‘you are taking me to see…” then the cinemas double their sales! genius!

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