The subject title for this particular post could be applied to just about every post I’ve written on here yet.

The remainder of my week post-results was busy. 

My Mum just asked me if Reg Grundy is dead. I really have no idea. I could, by all accounts, Google the potential demise of an Aussie TV legend, but Mum’s random question just led me to search for this…

Because that is all I associate Grundy with – a logo for for virtually all Aussie soaps and various game shows (Perfect Match and Sale of the Century, if I’m not mistaken).

Back to the rest of my week!

Wednesday I didn’t do a hell of a lot, actually. I took my dog Chad for a run and had shin splints for the rest of the week. The problem with Chad is that he doesn’t like to walk, he’s the equivalent of a reckless driver who stops to a screeching halt every 10 metres. The reason for doing so? Why, he discovers another item he can ‘mark’, of course.

The process for getting Chad prepared for a walk is an adventure in itself. He assumes that his chain/support brace is on a lot sooner than it is, so half the time you spend trying to put it on him while he thinks it’s already on and all uber excited about going for a run.

Once you start, it’s run-run-run HALT! sniffsniffsniff *pee* and repeat for the entire duration of the trip. Of course, I haven’t mentioned when he encounters other people, it’s all hugs and sloppy licks – some people are like, “I love dogs!” and then this happens…

..and people are less than pleased with the outcome.

For those of you playing along at home, that’s a screengrab from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the anime that ruined watching anymore anime for me because it simply doesn’t compare to this epic, epic series.

Thursday was spent working and catching up with various high school friends. One of which I haven’t seen for a few months, but was very glad to catch up with. We both put ourselves in similar situations this year – working damn near full-time and studying full-time.

After that catch-up, it was another high school group catch-up – guys I have now known for 15 years. It’s a very select amount of people who have known me for that long (or longer in some cases, you know who you are if you’re reading this), but we were all together for one of the group’s birthday dinner at Gold Leaf in Preston. Conversation and wine flowing easily, a good night was had by all and served as a reminder that regardless of where you feel you fit in the world, there are people around you that make you feel like you fit somewhere at the very least.

This particular high school friend happens to share the same birthday as my younger sister. Two events took place for her celebrations – drinks on Friday night at The Carlton Club, which was the second time I had been there, but the first time I was allowed in. The previous event I was informed on the door that the owner didn’t like cargo pants, even though I was wearing chinos. I guess that’s the closest I’ve had to a moment of caring about the fashion I wear – ever – but I guess I was just more taken aback by the rudeness of the door staff and the idea that places in Melbourne still adhere to dress codes. So, round two of me visiting The Carlton Club and I have to say, I don’t get all the fuss. Just another CBD bar with it’s own thing going on and staff who are both careless and couldn’t care less if they tried.  Close off the night with some surprisingly high-quality dumplings from Noodle Kingdom and we’re onto the weekend.

My sister, bless her, had such a tough time during her teenage years after she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Anyone out there who would like to try and argue with me that “It’s not a real disease” can – to be blunt – chow down on a horse-shit pie and wash it down with a flagon of warm cow piss. What she went through, not just the physical aspect, but the mental side of things too makes me all the more proud of her now that she’s a healthy and fully-functioning young woman. She’s also responsible for giving us a cool cat.

<Insert work-de-work-work here>

And a family dinner on Saturday to end birthday celebrations. Good times. Side note – I was introduced to Wirra Wirra Church Block 2009 – a red blend. Best wine ever? Well, I don’t drink a lot of wine, so ’tis a reasonable conclusion for me to make, but those of you reading this who have a far more refined palate may disagree with me.

<Moar work-de-work-work>

For those of you on the Book of Face, you may have seen this 30 Day Film Challenge thing floating around. I haven’t even been bothered partaking in the fun, but I saw that one of the days was recalling the first film you can remember seeing.

I had to actually discuss this with my parents, because thinking back to my childhood, I have a vivid memory of watching a film about a rabbit that wears roller skates at the Reservoir Twin Cinemas on High Street. Now, with the internet being the friend to all things knowledgeable, I came across this…

The Adventures of the American Rabbit

..and I am so glad that the film actually exists! Here I was, thinking I was suffering from acid trips as a six-year-old. The film was made in 1986, but odds are we wouldn’t have received it until 1988-ish. The reason I suggest this is because I would have been a grand total of four years old at the time it was released at cinemas in the States, but being six years old in Australia seems like a much more reasonable pluck from the memory branch.

Another side note – don’t judge six-year-old me for not realising I was being subjected to American propaganda. Just sayin’.

Not all of you may know the Reservoir Twin Cinemas, they were around from the ’70s through to the early ’90s before it all went belly up for small cinemas around Australia. The combination of VHS and multiplex cinemas meant it was all but over for smaller cinemas.

The cinemas sat almost directly across the road from Reservoir train station, just to the left of the KFC that has been there, well, since I can remember – which I’ve now learnt is approximately 22 years.

You know what isn’t 22 years away? The start of second semester at uni, which is actually tomorrow. Expect more madness over the coming weeks…

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