Bacchus, Sumo and Time

This post is another one of those situations where time has just flown by and I can’t really account for it or recall why I hadn’t written anything earlier than this exact moment.

At this exact moment, I’m training it to Osaka to watch¬†12 Years a Slave with a friend.

Here’s a blow-by-blow account of things that have happened in the time since my last post.

– I grew a beard
– I shaved said beard and tried to shape it into some combination of moustache and goatee
– I removed said abomination from my face after no less than three days
– Performed at an open mic earlier in the month. Most of it was new material and it seemed to work pretty well.
– Have started learning a couple of Japanese jokes
– Trying to help my parents organise their upcoming trip here
– Missing my nephew Darcy’s 2nd birthday and feeling sad about that fact

Here’s a photo from the inside of a toilet. I know this seems like a recurring theme on my blog, but just look at the picture.


So this is for one of those nappy changing stations that folds out from the wall. I’m just wondering whether all of the above had to occur before someone made the sign.

Another reason I haven’t had a great deal of time to write is due to having split weekends for most of this month. Having non-consecutive days off is a death sentence for productivity and managing the basic day-to-day stuff like laundry. You know you’re not quite ready to accept being an adult when you look at your laundry pile and say “Well, it’s not as large as the last batch I did, so it can wait.”

But because of the split weekend nonsense, I’ve been trying to pack in as much as I can in my free time.

Like visiting a great cafe north of Kyoto called The Gravy Attitude

The Gravy Attitude is actually a dog cafe. Any dogs are welcome and the resident lord of the manor is a French bulldog named Bacchus. Here he is.


Bacchus was asleep when we arrived, but decided to wake up for some pats, hugs and food. The coffee was great and the food was pretty good too.

Another, and far more recent occurrence, was going to watch the sumo in Osaka. It’s a great spectator sport and the learning curve about the rules isn’t too steep for even a casual observer. But if you start to become more invested in the sport, the amount of strategies, throws and techniques will take some time to wrap your head around.


So this is the goal for the coming week. Every day I will write as much as I can on my train rides, hence the time portion of the title of this entry.

Until tomorrow!

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