Spring and Strange Ice-cream

It seemed like winter would never end. But spring has started to show its face, with a variety of trees blossoming white and pink flowers.

This is the first time I’ve been in Japan during the cherry blossom season. After I finished up at Sfera, I went exploring nearby.


These trees line one side of the street. The other side had just started blossoming.


If this is just the beginning, I fear I may be wholly consumed by ridiculously gorgeous scenery. They’ve recently put up spotlights in the small river behind my house for night viewings of the cherry blossoms once they are in full bloom.

The knock-on effect from this kind of natural beauty invokes a blend of giddy enthusiasm and childlike awe.

I consider myself a generally positive person, but the fact that something like this makes me feel positive has me cautious.
How dare you, nature, use your beauty to try and overcome my hardened core of hubris!

So, of course, I decided to do more exploring to overcome this wave of positive vibes I suddenly found myself drowning in…


 ..by eating ice-cream.

Because the best way to fight positive vibes is with more positive vibes.

The flavour on the right? Tiramisu. Tasty, coffee-laden and little bits of savoiardi.

The flavour on the left? Apple pie.


Amazeballs isn’t quite a fair description. Now I want the only ice-cream I ever eat to be apple pie flavoured. Crushed pie crust with a hint of cinnamon and the taste of baked apples?


When I decided to start writing posts on the train all of one week ago, I didn’t expect to find so much to write about. Just when I’d thought I’d discovered everything I possibly could, I go out and I find several thousand more things to investigate and visit. Part of this was brought on by the fact that my parents will be visiting so I wanted to research and find as many places as I can to show them. I already know great sightseeing spots in Kyoto, yet after these adventures I feel like there is so much more to explore. In approximately one month’s time, I”ll have been in Kyoto for one year.

To wrap up this entry, it only seems fitting to balance out all this beauty with something a bit on the wrong side.

Trying to explain this would just lead to confusion and bewilderment, so I’ll just post the picture.


Some time ago, I ate stew-flavoured ice-cream. This is the same brand, Gari Gari Kun. They have all sorts of seasonal varieties, but this one is by far the worst.

Spaghetti Napolitano flavour.

Here’s proof that I ate the damn thing.


Yep. After my first bite, I instantly regretted this purchase.

It tasted like frozen tomato, garlic and onion. In other words, it was a block of edible tomato sauce.

The kicker? It has little chunks of frozen fresh tomato in it. You might be able to see on the packaging that they’re really proud of this fact.

They shouldn’t be. Why on earth would you put fresh chunks of tomato in ice-cream?

Or perhaps the better question is, why did I eat it?

And we’re out of time again. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Re trip…yay cherry blossom!!! Donut?Only evident you had two bites….I fully understand if you refused the rest, yuk to the nth degree…as you say…only in Japan.

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