One Year Anniversary and Visitors: Part 3

First! Umeda Sky Building.

Umeda Sky Building

So this building is 40-odd floors high. You can go up to what they call the ‘sky garden’, where there’s all manner of things to interact with and do. As a matter of fact, the more I say about these particular things, the higher the chance I’d ruin the experience for you. So I will say nothing except that it is well worth visiting should you find yourself in Osaka with not a lot to do.

So it’s about time to escalate the situation.



Ah, escalator puns. This shot is from the actual sky garden, which is basically a large observatory deck that you can get a 360 view of Osaka from. One tip I will give you is that those mirrors you can see actually have quite a neat visual trick. You could be standing right next to someone while looking at those mirrors, but they’ll be in one of the other panels. My parents and I spent – well, to be perfectly honest – longer than we should trying to figure the trick out.

What’s great about the Umeda Sky Building is that when it seems like it’s this massive chunk of steel that says more about technical advancements in architecture and buildings, there’s places like this to chill out…




..which you can walk through and completely forget that you’re actually near anything that has been built by man. The irony, of course, is that this is a landscaped garden. But it’s a nice garden all the same.




This is Ginkakuji. I’d never visited this temple before, but it was well worth the trip. And it was nice to share something new to me with my parents.




And back to the pictures of the pretty temple.



Shapely and awesome.

Right near Ginkakuji, I wholeheartedly endorse the vegan chocolate cafe, Cacao Magic. Why? You ask.




I’m sorry. I just needed to take some time to clean up all the drool from remembering how damn awesome that chocolate tart, almond milk hot chocolate and the chocolates were. One of the chocolates I ate had five different types of spices in it. Using the word ‘amazeballs’ doesn’t quite do it justice.

The Philosopher’s Walk is also near this particular area, which is a nice stroll that’ll last about 20-30 minutes if you take your time where you can reflect on, well, philosophy, I guess. There were also some homeless cats that hang around near one of the ends of the path. Oddly enough, that was the first time I had walked that path too.

And now here’s a shot of a building that I just could not make any sense of whatsoever.

Ummm... OK?


If you say so, building. If you say so.

And what would an entry in this blog be without referencing something random I put in my mouth?



Someone asked me to describe the taste of these. The best answer I could give them was “warm piss, but if it was a potato stick”.

Here’s a list of things I would rather eat than these Mountain Dew flavoured potato sticks…

Demon shit

Hate-infused grapes

Burnt used nappies


Chocolate (dead rat flavour)


2 Replies to “One Year Anniversary and Visitors: Part 3”

  1. Ha ha-me want choc tart again:) OR RECIPE please 🙂 which means you really need to return to the cafe and find out –
    1-The name of choc recipe book on shelf
    2-the name of that tart-
    3. Choc used (vegan)
    OR simply to eat more chocolate – drooling now remembering tastes!!!!!
    YUM to the millionth

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